Orthopaedic Outreach is committed to maintaining the privacy of its members in accordance with the Australian Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, which took effect on 21 December 2001.

Orthopaedic Outreach is bound by the National Privacy Principles that establish the benchmark for how personal information should be handled. Orthopaedic Outreach has adopted those principles as part of its standard business procedures. All personal information obtained by Orthopaedic Outreach is dealt with in a uniform manner and every effort is made to maintain its security.

Orthopaedic Outreach holds personal information about members, trainees, applicants for training, suppliers, conference delegates and other individuals who interact with the Association. This information includes name, address, phone number, fax number and email address, and may also include other personal information and financial information. This information facilitates the provision of services by Orthopaedic Outreach such as providing information to members, organising continuing education and training programs, administering Orthopaedic Outreach and allows Orthopaedic Outreach to maintain the required records of membership.

Orthopaedic Outreach has a policy of not disclosing personal information contained on its database to any outside body. Use of the database containing personal information is restricted solely to Orthopaedic Outreach although, where required to do so by law, Orthopaedic Outreach will disclose personal information about a member.

A directory of surgeons is maintained by Orthopaedic Outreach for the purpose of providing a service to the public and this information is available on the website of the Association. The information disclosed consists of the surgeon’s name, suburb in which the practice is located and the practice telephone number. All surgeons have the right to have their name removed from the directory upon request.

Upon request, Orthopaedic Outreach will inform you of the type of personal information held about you. Members have the right to access their personal information stored on computer, on a database, in personal files or in any other form at Orthopaedic Outreach to ensure that it is accurate.

If you would like to exercise your right to access, correct or update any personal information held by the Association, please contact our Privacy Officer. It is our policy that all requests for access be made in writing. Our Privacy Officer will arrange for an access form to be sent to you and can assist with any enquiries you may have about the process. We will respond to all requests for access within 30 days and in most cases will be able to respond well before that time.

If you are concerned that Orthopaedic Outreach may have handled your personal information inappropriately, please contact our Privacy Officer on +61-2-8084-7800 or at admin@orthoreach.org.au. All privacy enquiries are taken seriously and we will endeavour to deal with them promptly.