Outreach surgeons are Australian orthopaedic surgeons who volunteer throughout the Pacific and in the poorest parts of Asia. It is not uncommon for us to visit parts of the world that have no surgeon at all, or surgeons with very limited education and skills. We aim to work alongside the local doctors: performing surgeries and teaching local doctors, so they can make a difference in their own communities in the long term.

Our surgeons are all volunteers, so the most expensive element of surgery – the expertise of the surgeon – is donated. Funds we raise are used to pay for medical equipment, medical supplies and costs associated with sending an team of experts. We simply cannot do this work without financial support. Your financial support matters – and makes a world of difference.

The nature of our work

Motor vehicle accidents, trauma from farming machinery accidents and falls from building sites where no safety precautions are taken, are common causes of injury in the developing world. These injuries often don’t heal without intervention, and surgery may be essential for a patient to survive and recover. For those who do survive but have no access to basic surgery or medical treatment, many become permanently disabled. Families lose their income and livelihood, and so the poverty cycle begins. 

How you can help

Individuals. Please donate, and tell your friends about us.

Surgeons: Become a member of Outreach and make an additional donation. It is not necessary to volunteer in order to be a member. Simply pay your $160 annual membership fee and/or make a donation. Contact us on (02) 8071 8091 to find out more. Download membership form here.

Corporate supporters: Contact us on (02) 8071 8091 to discuss the opportunities to support Outreach in a way which is meaningful to your organisation.

All donations are fully tax deductible.