Orthopaedic Outreach conducted a visit to the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares, Dili at the invitation of local orthopaedic surgeons with the aim to re-establish previous connections and consider new opportunities. This was the first visit to Dili since May, 2014. Timor Leste has embraced the Cuban medical training model, as well as post graduate diploma studies available, vibrantly supported by RACS. With varying countries and NGO’s actively investing support for the development of health professionals in Timor Leste, challenges exist with coordination of services, surgical congestion and language barriers. 

Consistent with many other developing nations, opportunities to further develop perioperative personnel in the care and management of orthopaedic specific instrumentation and equipment exist, providing a more controlled orthopaedic surgical experience for patients and surgeons alike. 

Timely access to surgery remains a focus for the Timorese surgical department, with solid data being collected estimating transition from regional sectors into Dili for surgery such as primary management of open fractures. Population expansion in regional settings highlights the role regional facilities such as those in Maliana and Baucua play as referral sites for surgical care. Orthopaedic Outreach is committed to working collaboratively with the department of surgery at Hospital Nacionale Guido Valadares in providing their own surgical outreach programs to the communities within these regional facilities. Opportunities for Outreach to provide services in conjunction with or supported by RACS are being investigated.